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Thursday, January 05, 2006

the melancholy of unwanted christmas gifts

Before my parents were murdered, I used to get a special kind of melancholy every year after Christmas. My Mother would buy me some useless and expensive gifts and my Father would scold her cruelly for wasting money. I would feel hurt on my Mothers behalf and want desperately to prove that the present was a good, wanted one and not a waste of money. I deeply needed the affection that the gifts represented, and therefore would try hard to want the gifts themselves. So I would spend the weeks following Christmas trying hard to love these inanimate pale elephants, and it is a deep sadness to love a useless thing, or to try, but fail, to love a useless thing.
I recieved such a gift this Christmas from the flop haired fop. I cataurwailed drunk outside his West end flat, drunk on vodka at three in the morning. Instead of despising me and sending me away as I suspected, he took me in and fucked me as tenderly as pork loin. What a gentleman! And then on Christmas eve he gave me expensive tickets to see a Russian Ballet, The ticket cost £75. Und Ich? I gave him Nichts. I looked down at the ticket in my hand and my eyes welled up with tears, and behind the tears, rage. It was a work night, the night of the ballet. But I would only earn £30 and it would seem mean of me to refuse to take the night off. There was no one left to swap with. And I am so poor. And I don't have any interest in the Ballet, I would seriously prefer to watch football on TV and I have no interest in football. Since he bought me the ticket, I suppose I would be obliged to buy drinks and what have you on the night. And some kind of bourgois outfit. But I so wanted this Man's love, I so so wanted to be grateful. That he had set me such an impossible task made me angry. I tore up the ticket and threw it in his face a stormed away from him without looking back. Stupid stupid stupid Helga, stupid dum dum dum